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Case Study smilesinthegardens.com

Smiles In The Gardens (smilesinthegardens.com) a Palm Beach Gardens, FL based dentist is a typical case of a WordPress template website that makes a wonderful desktop presentation but completely fails at understanding the mobile audience.  Unfortunately, less than a third of their site visitors are going to enjoy the desktop version.  

Original Landing Page
What We Know
We know that in 2016 68% of all health related searches were from a mobile device.  Urgent Care and Dental exceed 74%.  (Hitwise)
We know that over 80 % of mobile web users do not read a page.  They scan it. Most will NOT scroll.  (Nielsen Norman Group)
We know that 80% of sales, reservations and appointment decisions happen on the initial screen (above the fold) on a mobile device.  (ComScore)
We know that a phone call box results in 12 times more live contacts than a form.  (ComScore)

We know that half of all mobile visitors will leave a site if the pages don't load within 3 seconds.  (Google)
How We Maximize This Page for Mobile Traffic with Our Mobile Entry Plugin
This Mobile Entry Plugin reflects the theme of the AdWords Ad.  "$99 New Patient Special"
Logo is Readable.  All Text is readable.  Page is uncluttered.  
This page can be scanned.  It does not have to be read word by word to get the point.
Answers All Required Questions:
WHO? Smiles In The Gardens
WHAT? Dentist - Specific  Procedures
WHERE? Location with Reference
WHEN? Displays Office Hours
WHY? New Patient Special
HOW? Tap to Make Appointment

This page loads very fast.

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